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Cordoba - Lely Resort - Naples Florida

Cordoba - Lely Resort - Naples Florida

Cordoba is a charming neighborhood of just 50 homes with surrounding views of golf course, preserves, and serene lakes. Each has its own courtyard patio—an ideal design for homeowners who like to live on the go.  Click on an image above for a larger view of the photo. To view available homes in other Lely Resort neighborhoods click here.


Cordoba Floor Plans

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AlicanteBarcelonaBarcelona GrandeMadrid
 Alicante-Cordoba-Lely  Barcelona-Cordoba-Lely Barcelona-Grande-Cordoba-Lely  Madrid-Cordoba-Lely 
 Alicante-First-Floor-Plan  Barcelona-First-Floor-Plan Barcelona-Grande-First-Floor-Plan  Madrid-First-Floor-Plan 
 Alicante-Second-Floor-Plan  Barcelona-Second-Floor-Plan  Barcelona-Grande-Second-Floor-Plan  Madrid-Second-Floor-Plan


Triana ITriana IIaTriana IIb
 Triana-I-First-Floor-Plan Triana-IIa-First-Floor-Plan  Triana-IIb-First-Floor-Plan 
Triana Second Floor Options
Option IOption IIOption III
Triana-I-Second-Floor-Plan  Triana-II-Second-Floor-Plan  Triana-III-Second-Floor-Plan 



One Story Floor Plans

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San Sebastian ISan Sebastian IISan Sebastian IIISan Sebastian IV
 San-Sebastian-I-Cordoba-Lely San-Sebastian-II-Cordoba-Lely  San-Sebastian-III-Cordoba-Lely   San-Sebastian-IV-Cordoba-Lely
San-Sebastian-I-Floor-Plan   San-Sebastian-II-Floor-Plan San-Sebastian-III-Floor-Plan   San-Sebastian-IV-Floor-Plan



Lely Resort
  Naples Florida 34113




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